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Good luck I am sure you will be fine :o


I am intrigued by the talk of 3 year cycle.


I was led to believe that when EYFS came into force in September 2008 OFSTED started a 'new regime' of inspections and 'everyone had to be done'. I was told from a few different sources that the date of our last inspection was irrelevant and to expect them anytime. This was confirmed by a preschool I know personally who got outstanding in March 2008 and got the knock on the door in November 2008 and I have heard from others. Likewise I know of people I know several who were last inspected in early 2006 and are still waiting.


I just concluded that there is no ryhme or reason to who they inspect when and we should just expect them when we see them! xD

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A;ll the best Susan, I knw you will be fine theough, all the advice you hae given me inthe past has been so valuable. Golly theyre out i force arent thy.


All the best Susan xxx

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Good luck for your inspection!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


As for the 3 year cycle........ I think everyone will be done regardless of the date of their last inspection due to the implementation of the EYFS.


Nursery was Ofsted'd in May 2008 (half is private)

We were done again in February 2009 when the rest of the school was done.

Only 8 months later!!!

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