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I recently went on a course which was fab! It highlighted a new piece of equipment called 'Fingertips'. It is basically a hand held mobile phone or palm device that you use to take photos, record evidence, take video clips etc... and it records all the assessment data for each child, using each of the six areas etc... This would mean no post it notes and much less time used on recording the evidence needed for each child. It looks fab and sounds great. My head seems keen too.


I was just wondering if anyone actually has it and is using it in school and if it works! It's quite expensive to purchase, so I thought I'd see what others thought about it.


Lizzi! :o

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Focus Fingertips costs £225 (for up to 35 pupils + £175 for the next 35) but requires a touch screen mobile phone that runs Windows mobile 6 (or higher ) software such as an i-phone. (starting from £440?) so expensive

and how will it now fit in with the concerns for child protection and using mobile phones to take photographs?

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To save people trawling through pages of links which are very off topic (!), here's the link to the software.


It doesn't require a mobile phone, but can run on a PDA device, so that should get round the problems with taking photos on a mobile (although PDAs that have cameras inbuilt are going to be expensive so that doesn't remove the cost objection).



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