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Evening, haven't posted for a while but going to be cheeky and ask a question anyway. I was talking to some colleagues today and was told that a satisfactory grade is no longer good enough, any school receiving a satisfactory grade will be re-inspected with only a 15 - 30 minute warning. Selfishly maybe, but does anyone know if this also applies to pre-schools? Not so much the warning part (as we don't get one) be the re-inspection if we get satisfactory grade. Thank you!


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Hi Karrie - obviously you will get a outstanding so this won't apply anyway! :oxD


But......this is from Ofsted guidance........


Grade 3 Satisfactory


The next inspection will not take place for at least three years unless we receive a complaint which suggests the requirements of the EYFS, or any conditions of registration, are not being met.


Hope that helps


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wE HAD OFSTED LAST WEEK (school) and things apparently changed on the 1st of september and now if you get satisfactory they can return to see how the school is getting on with no notice given.

ALSO IF YOU DONT HAVE A COMMUNITY COHERSION POLICY AND a new safeguarding you will get special measures no matter what else the school is like.

We all had to take in passport photos and a utility bill in as well as our CRB certificate as this was new from sept.

Dont know if it aplies to pre school but i think it would be similar


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Our last inspector spent ages telling us that satisfactory meant just that and we should be pleased (we weren't cos we wanted good or better!) but it seems that might be out of date now. It would explain why other settings I know have since got Good, and I questioned the distinction between them and us.

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We had our last inspection in the summer term and got a mixture of goods and satisfactories with the over all grade of satisfactory, we were gutted, but onwards and upwards (we never got a notice to improve). They went over the safeguarding children policies, procedures and paperwork with a fine tooth comb, luckily we had just updated all of ours, so yes, safeguarding is their main focus at the moment. They spoke to all staff about safeguarding, what training we'd been on, if we knew who the designated person was and what ,if any, information they had filtered down and what we'd do if we had any concerns; these are just the questions I remember. They were also very keen on children's' profiles/learning journeys and spent a lot of time going through them and speaking to key-people about them. Unfortunately, the only parents they spoke to were the ones who were brave enough to approach them and when we asked why, Lady O said, 'after 20 plus years (as a setting) you've never had a complaint so we're not concerned about your care side'.

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The inspectors never wanted to look at our childrens profiles or learning journeys, mainly wanted the last 3 years reults and entry scores.

If you Google Community cohersion there are lots of links for advice.

It is a relief for them to have been and gone .Now just to prepare and wait for our R E inspection :o

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Our pre-school inspection had lots of safeguarding questions as you would expect.


What the inspector said to us though is that if a setting was satisfactory before and hadn't changed it would now be inadequate - that could be where the 'satisfactory no longer satisfactory' thing has come from?

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having just had our inspection yesterday and receiving a satisfactory with lots of good aspects (terribly disappointed just missed good by a whisker) the 2 inspectors said at least thats over for 3 yrs and you have done well so not sure about the satisfactory not good enough etc

however this does mean for us that 2yr old funding is out as we do not make the grade which makes me think that hot on the heals of this that this will also apply to 3yr old funding. I will be watching this space.

oh well onwards and upwards I suppose


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