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Ofsted Inspection Yet?


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I was just wondering if anyone has had an inspection yet this term? Or had one this early in the term before?


I am in a two form reception class. We are expecting mr and mrs O anytime this year but have had a few whisperings that it could be much sooner than we think.


What do they look at this early in the term? Your current children or your scores from last year?


Any help would be greatly recieved. This will be my first one as team leader and I really want it to go well.




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Hiya we had our Ofsted inspection last week, we got to know Monday dinner and they arrived Wednesday morning.

Apparently new ofsted began on the 1st september and they were looking at overall in school

1- Safeguarding

2-community cohersion (dont know if that is spelt right).

They asked children in school if they felt safe and how do teachers help them.

In the early years they wanted the last 3 years scores on entry and exit from early years and you had to have 3 years improvement to prove good or better,we only had 2 as they were only with us two and a half years ago. :o


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Ok, so just when I thought OFSTED needn't cause me sleepless nights. This is my second year at the school, and so as co-ordinator I only have last year's results. Hopefully my head should have the previous years?

Anything else?

Did they observe? how did that go?


Sorry, but haven't been OFSTED since I moved to Recpetion, and in a blind panic, that I have no idea what I am doing, and that it will show



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Actually they were very positive and they liked it that we all gathered at the end of the session p/t and f/t children.

They did say we should have had a focus outdoors but we had 34 full time new children and 18 new p/t children in the morning session and we explained we were still dealing with settling in and safety .

they also said the children were flitting but a s they are new and everything is new to them thats what early years practitioners would expect. usually after a few weeks the children have explored there surroundings and settle more on activities.

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Thanks for all your good wishes. Well one day down, tomorrow to go. Not too bad, I was observed for about half an hour, looking at observations, safeguarding, outside provision.

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Hi juliesusan,


I hope your inspection went well and the outcome was as you wished for.


My school is expecting the call anyday now and I wondered if someone could fill me in on how the new style inspections are going? My last inspection was in 2002 with oodles of notice but apart from having my classroom in tip tip condition on a permanent basis and everything prepared, what can I expect? I'm only a joint co-ordinator and class teacher so know that I won't be as involved as the Senior Management Team (phew!)


Can anyone help?!

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