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She Came, She Saw And Left At 6.30....


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so by 5pm and she's still in the rooms and not even looked at paperwork I've resigned myself to a "2 dayer" .


Staff are loving her, she's chatting like old friends with parents staff and children and I'm vomiting in the office and being what can only be described as a pain in the arse to all staff as they walk past me and I hiss..."What did she say? is she smiling? what did you say? don't panick, keep going...you are great...did she smile?"


Now, you would have thought that due to the nature of my job I go through inspections on a regualr basis and have been through more than my fair share these things would get easier, but apparently one of the best moments for the staff was my face when I was told they had arrived.


So the thought of 2 days was really too much...I needed sleep. 5.30pm...


"I'll be ready for feedback in about 20 minutes" ....Again my face was a popular feature of the day.


By 6.30 all was signed sealed and delivered and a very happy result.


Now the question is WHY does it get worse each time and not easier?

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Well done to you and your team for surviving the Inspection and by the sound of it a great judgment.


Your sense of humour through your post put a smile on my face - I know what you mean, I could visualise the scene.


Why do we feel so paranoid during Inspection? I don't know, I guess it's our insecure state in knowing all falls on the 'judgement' of one person.


Enjoy the weekend and feel proud of yourself and team!

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I have also just posted on our ofsted experience....(in inspections section). glad to hear that yours went well also. Felt like you, that it never gets any easier...try as hard as you might to carry on as normal, you are acutely aware that they are observing and noting everything, and ours certainly didn't give any indication of how it was all going until feedback session, by which time I thought we had really blown it! Thank goodness she did not!!

I plan to sit and rest all weekend, and hope you do likewise, along with a little drinkie with friends to celebrate end of inspection and end of term!!

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well, I intended to rest until the old man dragged me into the garden for a bit of digging and compost.


Well done on yours and yes! we deserve a rest...

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