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for those of you that are following my previous posts you will realise that we have had a child protection allegation made against a member of staff.


now the nursery owner has stepped in to investigate this and yesterday and today she has been interviewing people to seek their views... clearly she had to interview the people that made the written complaint and then she had to interview people that were mentioned in the interview. she then made a decision to interview people that worked in the accused member of staff room, which is fine, but she said she would not interview any more since she felt she 'had enough' information. she will interview me, but no others. i feel that if she has decided to interview staff in the room even though they have not made an alleagtion / said anything then i think that she should talk to all staff... am i wrong????? how do you decide when enough is enough re investigations.


also should she really be interviewing these people alone?, as i do not know if she is asking everyone the same questions, or tailoring them to gain the answers she wants (i know that sounds really bad, but i know that the owner really wants to keep this member of staff in the nursery, despite two people substantiating the same child protection issue, underlying feelings in the eyes of the owner is that the accused is being targetted, i am 100% sure this is not the case. )

she told the member of staff that made the first written complaint that " this complaint could really ruin R***** life"... now i think this is not a supportive comment to say to someone that has done exactly what was expected of them (followed policies and procedures and safeguarded the children).... i just have an icky feeling the interview process may not have been consistent (i hate myself for saying this)... but i think she should have had an impartial person also interviewing or at least taking notes... i know transcripts of interviews are typed up and signed by the staff but i don't want the staff to feel co-erced.


the police also need to be informed now, it seems to be spiralling so much..... what a week


what are your thoughts re the above.




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like you i think there should have been someone with each person as they were questioned - and perhaps a list of questions so that it could be seen that all staff were asked the same questions.

also like you i think all interviews /questionings should have been written up as questions were answered and member of staff asked to sign that all was true and correct.

this would also cover the owner as any member of staff could say i didnt say this i said that so who is to be believed -it is a case one persons word against another

perhaps the other people who work in same room were questioned to see if there were any other times they felt they had concerns?

it must be a worrying time for you and even worse because you have doubts about how the allegation is being investigated.

is there anyone who you can ask for advise - at least it may help you to think/talk the matter through. x

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I dont know for certain but I'd say each staff member who is interviewed should have a representative with them. Its easy to forget what questions have been asked and what your responses were in a situation like that so having someone with you will help. They dont need to say anything, but a note taker, for both sides would be sensible especially if the police are going to be involved otherwise its all one persons word against anothers..

I think probably the people who work a room with her and the satff who made the compalint should be interviewed, no others. Its a matter of confidentiality. The accused doesnt need the wporld and his dog to know the details.

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I agree with what has been said about staff having a representative with them, and an independent note taker is a must, I think. I also think that only those with information to offer or knowledge of what happened should be interviewed - these things need to be on a 'need to know' basis and staff who haven't worked in the room with this person don't need to be involved.


However I wonder if the police would say that you should let them handle it now they've been informed? I think your owner is putting herself in a very difficult situation - if she feels unable to deal with the matter impartially then she should really hand it over to someone unconnected with the nursery to deal with.


If the allegations against this staff member are proved to be founded, and your owner exerted pressure on staff members to achieve a certain outcome, I feel the consequences for her personally could be disastrous.


What a terrible situation to be in - hope it is resolved soon.



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Hi Dawn,


Keep focussing on the fact that you have the best interests of the children as your motivation. I'm not sure what you can do if the investigation is not fair except to answer all questions from Ofsted and the police truthfully and fully. I am sure you would do that anyway.


If I were the owner I would have had a third person present in the interviews to protect everyone involved. More fool her if she protects someone who is mistreating the children while in her employment.


Remember that you have done everything in your power to support the staff and protect the children and that is what matters most.


Good luck with your interview!

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could not the persons being interviewed request someone present.. I know you can when being investigated and it is recommended that you have hits support.. from a friend or impartial person, could be the same one for all if this would be better..I also wonder why as manager you were not included, as 'person in charge of day to day care ' I would have expected to be included at some stage..


If police are ed you probably will get an ofsted visit too, I would not be surprised if they turn up.. we had one and there was no police involvement just the CIS, safeguarding and Ofsted.


These things do tend to have a life of their own, once started, and in light of recent events will likely to be taken very seriously and may be more vigorously pursued.



you have done the right thing, for your staff and children, they all know you will support them and look for the best for them




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