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I don't simcity - but will be watching with interest!!!


I do constantly remind parents - via newsletters and 'poster' - that I would like children to arrive 'creamed' (I also supply sun-cream in our 'waiting area' for those who may have forgotten), wearing/carrying their sun-hats, and for their shoulders to be covered - I also remind parents that we will spend lots and lots of time outside!!!


But ...........I may as well 'whistle down the wind' :o


That's not fair - some/most are really good - I have recently bought some hats from 'Save the Children' charity shop so at least when the blondest of blonde children come in with no hat - I have one up my sleeve (not literally!) xD



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We have policy of all shoulders must be covered (loose t-shirt given to those in strappy sun dresses) and hat worn before allowed outside on hot days. We are only 2.5 hours sessions but afternoon sessions may only be allowed to play in shaded section of garden (we also have tents ) and morning sessions may have to come inside from 11 depending on weather. We took decision that we can't depend on parents applying sun cream so act us if children have not got it on.


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I told my parents that for their own safety the kids in my room will not be allowed out without cream if it is so hot they'll burn. The next day ALL the kids had cream - One parent queried it so I told him that I wouldn't let them climb into an oven so I'm not letteing them spend the day in the blazing sun.

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