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Ok folks, its Children in Need day and we need to do something dont we?


So our challenge is to make the longest thread we have so far made, but we only have one day to do it!


Steve is very kindly (?) going to locate the previous longest thread and tell us how long it is so that we know what we are aiming for.


I will personally donate 10p for every post made between now and midnight tomorrow (the 19th). to Children in Need.


I am going to change my avatar to Pudsey Bear for one day only!


The theme of this thread is 'The 5 words at a time story' . I will start. You may add 5 words but only 5.


If you wish to pledge for each post made, please do so, or if you wish to make a donation you can go to

children in need


Ok, the story starts like this:




'Pudsey bear looked out of'



Come on, lets make this run and run, but remember only one day!

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"search in his cupboards for...."



Incidentally we did a Pudsey Children in Need fundraiser with the children at our preschool this week - they baked Pudsey bear biscuits and made lemonade and for half an hour at the end of the session the parents/carers came in and the children served them the food they had made, in return for donations to Children in Need. They raised £30 and really enjoyed the whole thing.


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to hide his embarrasment because.....


donations made


Please, think of my son on Sunday - hes swiming the Menai Straight for children in need!! along with other uni mates, must be mad wot with snow!!



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