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Sugary Drinks 'worsen Vomit Bug'


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My mother-in-law used to swear by flat coke! We live and learn don't we. Things change all the time, flat coke will probably be the best thing for sickness bug in 5 years time. mrsW.x (oh and I bet the person who is giving the advice has never tried to get an under 5 to drink a rehydration drink!!)

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Oh........I have told loads of people that flat coke is the thing ............won't give that advice again then!


Rehydration drinks are absolutely vile, hard enough to get an older child with whom you can reason to drink them, but 'tinies'.....



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I used to give my child melon as rehydrant after an elderly lady recommended it. Lou wouldn't touch the rehydrating drink at all - even if I froze it into lollipops! We don't have coke in the house anyway, although I have been told it's one of the best things as it contains the vital trace elements your body has lost - perhaps that was the old original recipe!

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My GP recommended coca cola with a pinch of salt to make it go flat, if my son had an upset tummy whilst abroad and I couldn't get hold of a rehydrate drink. My son was a few months old at the time, he's now 26 and still uses flat coke if he's unwell!

Original Coke was a stomach remedy that didn't sell so they added gasified water. That's where the idea comes from I think and it is still used on ships to cure sea sickness.

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surely the key here is hydration and fluids...


better to give something the person will drink than have them not drink because they are unpalatable.... quantity is not mentioned but in addition to water not as a sole drink.


flat coke or any sugar drink is better than no drink at all and for years it has been advocated as a suitable fluid replacement, who has rehydration drinks at hand when on holiday unless super organised and then you often throw them away afterwards.


Personally I will continue with the coke as it does contain the sugars and salts needed, as well as caffeine which is used for lots of things.. look at your headache remedies etc..


A big memory of mine is having a problem of this when I was in Poland for a month, in the early 1970s, (we had water from a well or a pump outside and a bucket in a shed as a loo.. no exaggeration!) the remedy there was coke and charcoal tablets.. and yes it worked well for all of us.!



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