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Hi everyone,

Cannot believe the Easter Hols are nearly over :o - I have only managed to acheive about 3 things on my to do list!!!!


I wondered if anyone knew of a good text which could link to the theme/topic of the seaside? Brain has gone totally blank!!



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try looking on the scholastic website - i think Nursery ed or child ed was all about seasides this month - look in their resources bit.

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Sally and the Limpet

Sailor Bear-I use this one for DT getting the children to make a boat for a small teddy bear then testing them)

Row row row your boat (gently out to sea) the book-rhyming text

Where the wild things are-over the sea imaginative adventures

Owl and the Pussy cat-nonsense rhyming words

Snail and the Whale

Sharing a Shell

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