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Please Could I Have Your Opinions Asap :)


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I have no idea what the word is that I want but i've not heard it called evolving planning before but I quite like it now lmao....anyway...... could you please take a look at the attached at let me know your opinions please?


I want to get something in place this week really so we can jigger it this week then have a permanent something after the hols lol


what do you think? have I missed anything, do I need to take anything out?


We have our continuous provision and I also do a more in depth planning sheet for the adult led activities each day.


Do you think that this will show ofsted that we plan fomr children's interests?


I've not completed everything for tomorrow as I don't set up on a monday morning so I can add the rest in when I get there in the morning :)


Any suggestions - good or bad - will be appreciated


Thank you in advance :o


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Looks good to me. We use a similar form but on one page.




Can I ask what you are putting in the boxes, over the week, we use something very similar and put childrens names and activities, but have been done not to plan activities for children as they might not necessary be interested in that activity, put what we are trying to achieve for that child instead?


Do you have a seperate form on what you are adding to the areas for the week?





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Hi mrsbat,


we use the same format and it works really well. we write briefly on the back of the form what we have seen the children do and what we plan for the next day (or the next day the child is in) and then we fill in the box for the next day with the activity or resource (we use different colour highlighter pens to link what we have seen to the activity on the front of the page). I hope this makes sense. mrsW.x

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Thanks so much for sharing your planning formats Mrs Bat and also MrsW. I think they are really brilliant and are what my understanding is of what Ofsted are looking for in terms of child responsive planning. Because you have done a comprehensive list of your continuous provision down the side it means that you can see that you are providing balanced learning opportunities, because all of the continuous provision activities can be linked to developmental matters in separate documents.


I like the idea of writing comments on the back based on the children's interests and then colour coding them to plans for the next day (or things you have added or changed the same day).

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It looks good, we do ours similar but on one sheet. If a child requests something we put it on the planning in a different colour or circle it on a day that their in. This means that when OFSTED eventually come in they can see at a glance the children's interests. This can be something they know they want out or something they have seen out of our photo album of toys.


samfrostie :o

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