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Just renewing our insurance through the PSLA and umming and ahhing about professional indemnity cover. We haven't got it at the moment, and if we took it up it would double the cost of our premium from £400+ to £800+. Now we can possibly afford this, this year, but maybe not next - you know?

Plus it's £400 wasted each year that I could have used for something else. We have public liability cover.


Does everyone else have it? Are your premiums all this high?

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We use PLA insurance and have had additional cover for professional indemnity for some time now. We have the £500,000 at an additional £57.14 and also the Trustees/Directors/Officers indemnity for £500,000 at an additional £47.62. We are only a sessional group tho, maybe yours is higher if you are a bigger group or full day care? Have you rung the PLA Insurance Dept for a specific quote?

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OK jumping in here - can anyone tell me if our committee ought to have either of these insurances? I've looked at them both in previous years when renewing and I really can't work it out probably because the renewal always comes about the time of the Easter holidays and I am worn out by then! In simple terms what good doea it do us? Thanks.

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This is something I am really thinking about at present - with my recent involvement in an episode when I felt extremely vulnerable and my personal and professional integrity was being called into question, I felt I came very close to being personally pursued through the legal system. Thankfully it didn't (or hasn't yet) come to this, but I do wonder whether individual practitioners should benefit from some kind of professional indemnity insurance to cover themselves should they ever be the subject of such legal action.


As hali pointed out recently, PLA members who benefit from Lawcall may think they are covered but will find that staff cannot make use of this service - it is for committee members only.


I am even wondering whether it is time for us to join a union to gain some protection - and I have long been sceptical about union involvement in the early years workforce.



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We also use Morton Michel and they have always come up nearly half the price of many others.


We are very happy but have'nt had to use it in the last five years, and I spose the proof is when you make a claim.


Just my 4d worth


The Token Male



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