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Hi all

Trying to get hold of cheap copies of some PLA publications to help me ith my core unit 3 and optional unit 3 of my Diploma in Preschool Practice. Have managed to source 2 on ebay but nothing on amazon anyone know of anywhere else i could get them from (libraries are a no no too!)

Looking for:

The complete guide to policies etc

Accident prevention/first aid

Finance in early years settings

Preschool Comm and constituitions

Complete guide to Incorporation for pre-schools

Preschools as employers

Risk Management

Parental stake

Working towards better practice

Embracing equality.

If anyone has any old copies to sell I may also be interested...getting desperate as this is all recommended reading!!! Going to do some more searching....



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If you contact your regional PLA office hey might haveoffice copies they could let you look at. I did my DPP through the PLA, before CACH took it over, and was able access their resources that way.

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Guest mukerjee1

If you can hold on until Monday I'm sure we have at least one of these publications filed neatly (back of cupboard) at pre-school. I'll keep you updated.

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Managed to get the committees and constitution one off ebay. Theres nothing on hte PLA website as they are books and they want you to pay for them (quite pricey if you have to buy them all full price!)

Will keep looking!

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