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Help! Searching For Courses!


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Hi there


As part of one of my units for my NVQ level 3, I have been asked to compile a list of all the opportunites for training in my local area.


Have been searching now for the guts of an hour and can find nothing, zero, ziltch!!!! xD


It could be because I im Northern Ireland or maybe am putting the wrong terminology in the search bit! Have put in training courses in Northern Ireland, and it came up with a site for courses, but there is nothing on any of the catagories in the site!!


I was wondering if anyone new the names of any good courses, possibly to do with arts and crafts, personal development etc, then hopefully I could type them in and something would come up!


Have tried the local borough site, local arts site, local college and also our local amenities centre. I have found a first aid course and that is it!


Getting extremely fed up now and my feet are freezing!! :o

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Could you contact your local children's services by phone tomorrow? Do you have a PSLA local branch? Have you asked at work for a copy of the training bulletin? Do you have a local Sure Start initiative?


er? thinking of where else you could look.....

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Hi mummyspud


I have attended these courses recently:


New Welfare Requirements within the Early Years Foundation Stage


The Unique Child


Self-evaluation and Ofsted


Well-being and Involvement



Hope this helps


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Hehe - i just looked there too! couldn't find anything useful either


You too Cait, I thought it was just me being stupid!! stupid with cold feet I might add!


Will look at it with a fresh pair of eyes in the morning, am going to watch ER on catch up!!

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