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so, I'm working on a new project and time no longer has any meaning or end as I slog through the days trying to get things sorted. And this morning, after a week of 5-9 (yup! that way round) I'm well and truly shattered! Yesterday I'd had a long day in meetings, conferences and enough motivational inspirational clap trap to ensure I was completely demotivated followed by a very long and quite entertaining evening do; so to say when I arrived at my desk at 7 this morning all I could think was..."I'm going to shut that door and woe betide anyone who comes in and says something like... well, anything really is a bit of an understatement.

There I am with my head in my hands (supporting my neck) and my steaming cup of coffee (in my fabulous new FSF mug,thank you!x) and I'm trying to find the energy to face my "do or die" list and wondering if I'll make it to the "do and things might not get any worse" list when there is a knock at the door.


"Erm, the two staff who were meant to do swimming haven't got their swimming costumes, can we have them on the side not in the pool?"

"errrrrrrrrmmmm, what does the policy say?"

"ermmm, at least one in the water and one on the side"

"right, so what do you think I'm going to say?"



"well, we can't go swimming then"


At this the point the temptation to say well, once you've finished swimming if you run round the garden 50 times you'll soon dry off was very tempting. But fortunately, not quite sure whose fortune though, the hours of man management motivational clap trap kicked in and I actually said, "Ok, well I've got my costume I'll go in, but tell them I hate kids and I hate water and I hate splashing and I hate the three combined more than anything else. They have been warned." So I'm never going to take my swimming costume to work "just in case" ever again!

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There I am with my head in my hands (supporting my neck) and my steaming cup of coffee (in my fabulous new FSF mug,thank you!x)

See? Even a bad day has its high spots! :o


Console yourself that its Friday night, and you can come on here to share your woes! Hope next week is better, zlw and that you have a relaxing weekend.



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I know it must have been very frustrating for you but your post really made me smile! You could well be another Gervase Phinn in the making - you've definitely got a way with words!


Have a relaxing weekend...and LOCK that office door when you get in there next week! :o

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Sorry but while at the time must have felt a 'why me' week , xD


I hope you will be able to read it back and have a smile... :o




Ps perhaps time to invest in some really awful cozzies for emergency use when staff forget! (did I say that!)

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So man management motivational clap trap does work after all, I'd never have believed it if I hadn't read it here. :(:o


Maybe anotice on your door "Who knocks dares" xD:(



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