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Under the freedom of information Act, Ofsted have had to give data details held:

quote"........We were recently informed the Information Commissioner has upheld Laing & Buisson’s appeal and has directed us to disclose the names of managers (as held on our database on 6 April 2005). Ofsted was legally obliged to provide this information to Laing & Buisson by 5 January 2009.


Further info on link.


Ofsted Article HERE




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Just been looking up the company website...this is what it says...


"Laing & Buisson, an independent company, is the leading provider of authoritative data statistics analysis and market intelligence on the UK Healthcare Community Care and Childcare sectors. Information is provided via a range of media - Market Reports Newsletters Conferences Consultancy CareSearch and Mailing Lists


We also stage the Independent Health & Care Convention along with the Independent Healthcare Awards"

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So are we all going to write and ask why they want our details.....must admit to feeling I should know why someone wants my personal details.

Well they would probably argue that strictly speaking it isn't our personal details they want - just that in relation to the jobs we happen to do. So if you are a manager of a nursery in a chain you will most likely to have provided your office address to Ofsted, whereas those of us in pre-school will probably have given our home addresses. So for a signficant number of people on that list, this will be home addresses. xD


It says the information was that held in 2005 so it won't be my details - but the irony of everyone writing to Laing and Buisson asking why they want our data, and in the process updating their contact list doesn't escape me. :o


I would really like to know the basis upon which the Information Commissioner has ordered that this data be released.



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