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Re-registering With Ofsted


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Hi Gruffalo, welcome to the forum and thanks for making your first post.


I am sure someone more experienced than me will come along shortly to confirm or otherwise but I think you just need to complete a form to OFSTED giving details of the changes you are making. I don't think you have to re register. If in doubt why not give OFSTED a call on Monday and ask their advice.

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You will probably have to apply fpr what is called a variation in registration.

Write to Ofsted ask tell them what you are proposing with an action plan showing how you will implement it, what you need, how you will meet the needs of the children etc and then they will be in touch

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Give them a ring. It is a variation to hours you need but with EYFS things may have changed..

we changed ours in July, just before EYFS, and all we had to do was send in a letter saying how we would implement any changed needed. They asked for a daily routine , rest periods, lunch time, staffing etc. Only took 3 weeks for us to get a letter saying this was Ok and we reopened in Sept all day.


Good luck, it worked well for us




Forgot to say.. they kept telling us there was a variation form to fill in.. found on their web site.. we never found one and eventually they said there wasn't one! May be worht a check to see i fthey have sorted this out

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