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Support At Home For A Two And A Half Year Old


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Hello all,


This is my first post here but I have been browsing for a while. You guys are very experienced and your advice has been very helpful. Your advice would be enormously welcomed to me on an issue...


I am a newly appointed children centre teacher and I had been discussing a child with our health visitor. She is basically in a plaster on her legs and can't move much. She has asked my help to provide some activities for her parents to keep her busy at home. I have a few ideas but would love to hear your views and buil;d a larger bank of activities. She is 2 .5 and in leg plasters.

Please help!!!


Many thanks in advance.

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Hello blessedagain, A warm welcome to the forum and thanks for your first post. :o


What does the child enjoy? What ideas have you got already?


I wonder if the health visitor can give suggestions on activities for maintaining as much mobility as possible to help with stopping aches and pains through the childs leg movement restrictions. ie: some sort of physio that can be done whilst in leg plasters to maintain hip and waist, even toes from aching etc.


Playdough can be good for fun and it's theraputic (spl) nature, either in small amounts for fine manipulative play, modeling etc, or large quantities to bash and pummel and roll to keep upper body muscles busy.


small world play, art on small or large scale, puzzles both tabletop and floor, water / sand play.


I'm struggling really as I'm thinking any activity (bar hoola hooping, jumping and skipping) with a little thought should possibly be able to be adapted for this child to access.



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I will try and put my mind to this later but off the top of my head I know that bubbleblowing would be fantastic. Its extremely therapeutic for grumpy or frustrated children , and for mummies and daddies too! I'll write myself a note to think this through some more for you!

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Would she enjoy baking? As Hali says, my children enjoyed fuzzy felt too - and my Preschoolers are currently enjoying one I bought on ebay. She could make jigsaws and challenge adults to put them back together again, cutting up photos or postcards. If she's wheelchair mobile she might enjoy using a digital camera to record things and look at them later.

If she already attends a preschool, she could make a scrapbook up with photos of the children there so she remembers what they look like

I'll keep thinking .......

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Thanks guys!!!


I love the scrapbook link idea to pre-school - that's fab!!!!


All ideas were welcomed and will be shared with the family.


Thanks again

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