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Hi all


Got the phone call Monday and they came Thursday. I'm in the Reception class. Results aren't official untl next week but I am very happy. :oxD Will post results when I can.


Just a few tips. They didn't ask for any records just very keen to see what we do in practice. Therefore I would suggest having all evidence gathering methods on the go, e.g. long observations were on a clipboard waiting to go, post its on the observation board, planning on the wall. The inspector spent a lot of time reading the planning on the wall and looking at the ovservation wall. The inspector left my room and I thought that was it, I got the camera out as we had a mum helping at the time and I thought I'd take a photo of her at work. He then came back and made a dash for the camera and asked is this how we record evidence. He then went through the camera looking at stored photos. luckily we had some nice photos on it from the previous day when we went on a snow walk. This was completely not set up.


Spent the most of the morning in the foundation stage.


Thanks to you all for help (ice ballooners that went really well). We also had clip boards out at most activities with topic words for the children to record their observations. He did not interview the co-ordinator which I was suprised at. However school very similar to us up the road their was a tough 45 minute interview for the co-ordnator. We also had our audit ready ( if that is what you would call it). We had gone through all the principle into practice cards and listed all the ways we meet those principles. Also gave him thorough development plan. However, from what I can gather (without the written feedback) it was what was going on the day that really interested him. Also looked at the walls. Interesting that he didn't ask for any child's individual obs etc.


There were 2 inspectors, 1 primary ex head and the other secondary trained! :(


The wrap around club was inspected on the same day. Big issue for them was communication with the school. We have a diary system in place but they want actual communiction of where the child is at and we should have similar targets! Again more details will be given when official!


Really hope this helps. Thank you to you all as I was new to Reception in September and this has been my most useful support. Sorry I have taken until today to post but really tired, couldn't sleep until last night since phone call!! Also very keen on CRB checks, went through them all. That includes all parent helpers.


Wow, trying to get in as much as I can to help anyone in a Reception class waiting for that dreaded call. Just glad it's over. Will return with more info when result confirmed and in writing. :(:(

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Hi Leydon

We had our phone call on Tuesday and inspected Friday. They focussed on Foundation Stage and the Inspector came to see us three times during the day. We had a very similar experience with regard to the fact that he focussed on what was going on in the setting. However when colleague and I reflected on the experience we noted that he found out lots about us in 'general conversation'. One of the things that I was asked for was a profile sheet, observations and any assessments for a particular child and examples of markmaking.

The inspector was very child friendly and put us all at ease-he too was an ex primary head.

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