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We are in a large hall with high celings were our electric heaters dangle from. As the weather is getting colder and harder to maintain a warm temperature within the hall, does anyone have a procedure to follow if it is to cold to operate that I could look at please and to forward it on to the parents. I do get in one hour early most morning to put the heating on but the temperature doesnt seem to move that much. What is the required temperature that the hall must be.

thanks for any replies

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We are in exactly the same situation! I get in at 8am at the latest to switch on the two dangly radiant heaters. I also use floor level blowers from B&Q so that when children arrive it feels warm.

The min temp is 16 degrees I believe. That's what we work to anyway. But as you are probably aware, 16 one day feels nothing like 16 another! depends on wind direction and dryness of atmosphere.

Because of this, there's no way we can have free-flow in winter. It feels like we're outdoors anyway most days with the old chapel windows with a heck of down draught!


Haha - it's all fun though, and no-one can accuse it of being unhealthily warm!

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I believe legally its 16 degrees for a work place ie adults but was always told it was 18 degrees for under 5's- but that maybe an obsolete fact or a myth

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I found this on Google which fits in with what I understood to be the case, except that the youngest children should have a slighlty warmer temperature. It hasn't copied as a Table for some reason!


Statutory Instruments 1999 No. 2

The Education (School Premises) Regulations 1999



20. - (1) Each room or other space in a school building shall have such a system of heating, if any, as is appropriate to its normal use.


(2) Any such heating system shall be capable of maintaining in the areas set out in columm (1) of the Table below the air temperature set out opposite thereto in column (2) of that Table, at a height of 0.5 m above floor level when the external air temperature is -1°C.




(1) (2)

Areas Temperature

Areas where there is a lower than normal level of physical activity because of sickness or physical disability including sick rooms and isolation rooms but not other sleeping accommodation 21°C

Areas where there is the normal level of physical activity associated with teaching, private study or examinations 18°C

Areas where there is a higher than normal level of physical activity (for example arising out of physical education) and washrooms, sleeping accommodation and circulation spaces. 15°C


(3) Each room or other space which has a heating system shall, if the temperature during any period during which it is occupied would otherwise be below that appropriate to its normal use, be heated to a temperature which is so appropriate.


(4) In a special school, nursery school or teaching accommodation used by a nursery class in a school the surface temperature of any radiator, including exposed pipework, which is in a position where it may be touched by a pupil shall not exceed 43°C.

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We are also in a large hall and have had similar problems. Occassionally the temperature has dropped down below the legal temp and we have always informed parents and asked for them to keep jumpers on or offered spare fleeces for those who haven't brought one in. We then do lots more physical activity. I find it's the staff that complain not the children or parents!


Fingers crossed those extra three radiators are being fitted at the moment or else Wednesday morning could be a cold one.

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we are also in the same situation - HSE and enviromental health couldnt tell us any regulations for temp in a nursery only offices!!!! xD

And I'm not sure whether pre-school groups such as ours are covered by the school regulations either! :o

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