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I officially passed my final placement for the long haul 4yr BA Pri Ed degree!! I'm so happy. :o

I cant believe the next class I will have will (hopefully) be my own!! I must say, I am so very proud of myself. I have worked so hard this year to work on what my advisors from last years placement told me I need to develop, and it shows in my reports. So I am thrilled.


Now to start the dissertation........!

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well done qwertylove! Any ideas for your dissertation yet?


Thanks everyone! Yes Mundia, I started my dissertation way back in May, when I was on my 3rd year placement in a nursery. I am following one of my children from the nursery and his journey from nursery to reception, and the effects the transition has on his PSED.

Its been amazing so far, been meeting with the family over summer, and have seen him on his first day at school- he really changed from the boy who walked round thinking he owned the nursery (!) to a very timid, observant child - I'm going back to see him in Jan, so hopefully he will have settled in by then.

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