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i have spent a very confusing day today , and think perhaps I am having mote than one senior moment..


we had 8 children and 3 staff.. lovely .. not usual ratios but an accident.. don't ask!


By the time half an hour had passed I was so confused.. we had a Brett, Bradley, Brandon, Brendan and Bryn Oh and yes Bartosz.. all new children.. and all looking so similar I hadn't a hope.. I was so thankful that the other 2 did not have names starting with a B..and were girls! :o


Looks like I am in for a confusing time for a few weeks... xD



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Reminds me of my friend: Joseph, Jacob and Jonathan.


Imagine the fights in years to come on Valentine's day? :o


Wonder what was happening when prospective parents were reading the baby names dictionaries: did they all fall asleep after the Bs?

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growing up there was a family near us all begining with j






John and another one I cant remember :o but it began with J!!!! xD

It will bug me now will have to text my sister :(


was Joe but apparantly not a jeanette but you get the idea!!!!

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a friend of mine has the initail M, and so does her husband,,,,,,,,,,,,and all three of their children, and yes, when the post comes, she says its a nightmare!


And I inadvertently did it to my lovely son............my initial is S........his is M, but, I named him Matthew Robert Sutherland Jones, so when letters of an official nature used to come, they were addressed to MRS Jones......so we had to decide whether he opened them or I did! Thank goodness he's married and left home now! :o

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My husbands dad decided he wanted to start a tradition of naming all son's with the same initial - his name was Raymond and he called my husband Richard. However, it causes such problems with the mail that I vowed the 'tradition' was going to be ditched immediately - hence we have a Ben.


My sister in law has just married someone who has 6 children. Him and his wife had 5 children whose names all began with the letter L. Unfortunately one of them died so the next 2 children they started on the letter H!


Good luck with all your B's Inge!!

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