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Using A Roamer.


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I think they usually come with an instruction guide. But, if not, when I fierst used one, all I did was check the battery and then I told the childern what it was and that I hadnt a clue how to use it and that we could learn together.

then we started pressing buttons to what happened. I think we only got it to go forward adn turn but we did it together and had a lot of fun. So go on, get it out and experiment......




(I couldnt give you clear instruction without a model in front of me) :o

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Instructions to use a roamer


1. check batteries work and switch it on.


2. Press the CM(red) button twice to clear the programmed memory


3. Then enter directions .... forward or backwards or left or right.


(The roamer moves forward or backwards by the length of itself.

If turns left and right by number of degrees... so you have to give the children the number to input.. e.g right angle is 90 degrees.)


4. Enter the amount you want the Roamer to move by using number keys.


5. Then press Go(green button)


Then sit back and watch it move.

Repeat instructions to input new directions.


I am using Roamer at the moment with my class. They have mastered forwards and backwards and had good fun this afternoon making it turn by 90 degrees to go around a simple maze.


If you need any more help or if these instructions aren't clear please shout.


Lorna :)

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Guest Tracey F

Have used roamer with my Reception class, just going backwards and forwards, I found the turns tend to confuse them :o The children now know the steps to follow as:-


Make him forget (press CM twice)

Tell him which way (direction arrow forwards or backwards)

Tell him how many (number)

Make him go (green go button)


We often use 'him' with a large number line for maths. I ask the children to get roamer to a set number - they then work it out by counting on/back, and program accordingly. Also things like I'm going to ask Jo to make him go forwards 2, which number will he stop at?

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We have just had an Ofsted inspection and the inspectors commented on a remote control bug we had. It cost £9:99 from Super Drug and had simple controls - forward/ back/ stop/ < > it was thought to be better than a roamer as it is easy for the children to opporate, our children can't get enough of it.

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Guest Guest


i recently used the roamer. i was teaching 1 more. the children roled a dice and moved the roamer farwrad that number along a number line. then pressed forwad 1 for i more. they had to rpedict which number it would landon. the children loved it. especailly as we dressed it up as a fish (water topic)

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We have a remote control car, and the children can master forwards and backwards movements quite well. It is trial and error, with much banging into walls! but they soon gain great control.


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Better late than never?


I use a Pixie with 2-4 yr olds.


We only ever have it for a few weeks each year (on loan).


There is never much chance to use any of the exciting ideas that come with it (we have up to 26 - or more - children each session).


I sellotape a marker pen to the pixie, and run it on huge sheets of paper on the floor. I model how to program the pixie, and demonstrate its remembering.


The children can then produce patterns on the paper (lollipops and ladders are favourites).


Does this sort of thing help when they get to school and start using roamers?



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Helen if you are buying something and have money get a pixie. It is smaller and easier to use than the roamer as the roamer turns are difficult. It also takes up less space and there is a large grid board for you or the children to design games on and it can be used on a table top. It costs around £100.

I have taped the numbers for the turns onto my Roamer - 90, 160 etc and shown the childen what to do with them. It seems to work, usually.

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Don't worry Jacquie!!


I suffered such ignominy xD amongst staff and children, recently mastering :( the Roamer. It was only after one of the children helpfully decided to call it Colin :o that I managed it. Moral? Find a helpful name for the beastie!!


Sue :D

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