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  1. Additional Hours

    Thank you Finleysmaid, I have emailed our MP...received another automated reply but we will wait and see what happens.
  2. Additional Hours

    All our children's codes have been checked and verified, the delay is with the LA who are still saying we can't yet claim the additional hours.
  3. Additional Hours

    We haven't yet been able to claim the additional hours (over the universal 15) for children using up to 30 hours funding. Our headcount day was 21st September and there was a technical problem on our funding portal, meaning we couldn't enter any additional hours. This still hasn't been fixed and now we're nearly in mid-November without being able to claim. I emailed my LA yesterday and received an automated reply saying they will respond within five working days. I'm now reminding parents to renew their codes for next term and we haven't claimed this term! I wondered if anyone else had experienced these delays? PS We have been paid for the universal hours claimed - thankfully!
  4. Scam

    We get calls like this as well, often saying "Thank you for supporting us last year and we hope we can rely on you again this year" when we have never supported them at all. You have to be so careful!
  5. The financial pressures are all too real for those of us in Local Authorities whose funding has been cut. With the introduction of the 30 hours, our funding was cut by 10% so not only are we having to cope with a big cut, we don't have the 'buffer' of charging the full price for the extra hours that children attend - as these are now funded as well. I'm sure that some nurseries are doing well financially from the 30 hours if their funding has stayed the same or increased, but certainly not all of us. We get regular emails from our LA asking for expressions of interest for nurseries and pre-schools that are facing closure, but I can't see anyone risking the investment in time or money when the future of childcare provision in my county is so insecure.
  6. We do this fairly regularly too but don't have a separate risk assessment for it - just plenty of adult supervision and common sense. It is a great activity with lots of learning potential as Mouseketeer has said.
  7. Small mallets

    Exactly what we do! :1b
  8. snack time

    Always at the table for all of the reasons above!
  9. Setting up new nursery - eek!

    i have staff working 7.30 - 4.30, 8 - 5 and 9 - 6. They have an hour for lunch, unpaid. They work the same shift all the time (other than the occasional swap). As far as possible, we try to allocate key children so that key people see them in at the beginning of the day or are there at the end of the day but for children attending 8 - 6, obviously you can't have both. Parents and children soon get to know the other staff though, so it works fine.
  10. Stretched Offer

    Thanks for your replies. I have just spoken to my LA (after a lot of trying!) and they have clarified it. So a family entitled to 30 but only claiming 20 can claim enough hours to give them 20 free hours for 51 weeks a year. Phew!
  11. Stretched Offer

    I'm quite confused about stretching funding... If a child is eligible for 30 hours funding each week and, for example, they attend for 20 hours, can the parent claim more than 20 hours so that when the funding is stretched over the year, they are getting their 20 hours free all year? I thought that the point of stretching the funding and the 30 hours offer was to help parents who work all year. If they can only stretch the amount of hours their child attends, there is no benefit to them, other than spreading the cost over the year, rather than paying during the holidays. Please can someone enlighten me? Thank you! :1b
  12. Lunch Breaks

    Do you have others who need to wait until the late ones return so that they can go on their breaks? That is the line I've taken in the past...If you're late back, the next person can't leave which makes them late back etc etc !
  13. Nappy bags

    We use a bigger version of the Sangenic nappy bin and they are excellent. We are full daycare 0 - 5 so lots of nappies and you get no smell from the bin at all other than when you empty it. The cassettes that go in the bin (which dispense the bag) are an expense but for us, it's well worth it. We've used the bin for years!
  14. Are you taking in ironing?

    What makes me cross, is that they lump domestic tasks such as ironing and providing meals with childcare. Does the service we provide for our families have the same value to the people who thought of these ideas? Cleaning, ironing, cooking, providing drinks, oh and a bit of childcare. Don't worry about the education bit, that can be left to schools. GRRRRRR!
  15. Are you taking in ironing?

    When I read that I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. As the manager of a nursery in the second lowest funded local authority in the country, I can't really say any more!