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  1. Additional Hours

    Gosh this is terrible...this might put some people out of business! hardly the way to encourage nurseries to take up the 30 hour offer. As to what you can do about it ...I guess your MP would be the person to moan to. They are probably the only one to be in a position to alter it.....or your mayor???
  2. packed lunches

    Gosh this does sound a bit strict!! The issue I have with 'Rules' like this is what happens when you have a child who has eating issues....the rules on fruit and cracker seem a bit crackers too...I have some who after 6 weeks of work with them have still only got to the licking fruit stage!! Sounds from your OP that you don't agree with the rules either
  3. Fine motor activities

    Sometimes it's about finding something that grabs them isn't it?! recent ones that have been enjoyed... cheerios on bits of spaghetti pasta threading always a hit (change shapes and strings depending on skill level) geoboards (we made our own from logs and nails) elastic bands work well on these or string You could try making god's eyes from twigs in the garden....my lot not up to this yet!!! we also tried to make wands by wrapping string round a stick...this proved really tricky for most!!! playdough in every which way/colour/smell/additions etc etc etc etc! lots of cutting activities in pinterest which might float your boat. drawing round your friend on BIG sheets of paper and then adding their features wind up toys pennies on masking tape 'roads' ...I could go on....
  4. I'm not aware of any 'training' available to anyone in our area (We're PVI) we did have a ridiculous conversation about it early on...but I can wholeheartedly say we have learnt on the job!!!! I would suggest getting together with other maintained providers locally and have a chat with them . One of our local schools is offering and has had a good take-up if there's anything in particular you would like to know I can email the team for you and get an answer.
  5. Videos

    i'm wondering if this is to do with your software? what are you using? (to be honest I am a complete dunce about IT so this may not be relevant)
  6. Great article David...but how do we go about recruiting men??? I have had a job open for over a year....I can get people with no qualifications but I need a level 3! I would love a male practitioner but culturally most of our families would not consider it as a job. (great to see a male practitioner on the secret life of 4 year olds BTW) . So how are we going to move forward??
  7. having spoken to a data manager about this they are suggesting that at the moment there should be no need for us to do (or change ) anything. An audit like Rebecca suggests is probably sensible for larger organisations, but as a 'small' data holder it is unlikely that anything other than ICO guidelines will need to be put in place. There should be NO need for anyone to pay for any services and the person I spoke to laughed and said it would be very tricky for them to charge you for anything because at present they wouldn't know WHAT you will need to do!! She warned that there were lots of companies trying to persuade people to let go of their money!!! The ICO are in charge of the new rules ...I am sure as long as you are registered with them that they will give further guidelines...for free...if needed!
  8. Thanks Panders....really sorry was going to catch up and then ...urmmmhhhh wellllll I think I might have forgottenrules are as you say though we have done lots of versions!! piggy in the middle we do as a group though so no-one gets left out.
  9. Committee/manager help

    sounds like you're going to have to get tough. Have you done appraisals with the staff? have you done a staff meeting and laid the law down?? is there one member of staff winding the rest up (often the case!!!) Remember that you are NOT their friend you are their employer. Hard but true ...my staff have all worked with me for a long time but they all know that if I have to I will draw a line in the sand. If you have a clear vision of where you want to get to ...tell them/show them/train them they need to buy in to your vision and why they need to change ...everyone is change averse, much easier to stick with what you know!
  10. Business rates and 30 hours survey

    my tip would be to re apply each year! staff change and so do the rules...you could even appeal against the decision. (just imagine what you could do with that extra money)
  11. Business rates and 30 hours survey

    Are you 'not for profit'? if so you may be able to ask for the additional 20% relief from your council...as educators of young children they often look favourably on these applications.
  12. Business rates and 30 hours survey

    like sunnyday we also don't pay rates as we are a registered charity and get relief but I have filled in the survey ...hope it helps in some way!
  13. You don't stop playing because you get old ...you get old because you stop playing - Finley the dog.

  14. What would you do?

    I have assumed that he's 3...is that correct??? just re-reading this and don't think I've established how old he is. Getting Mum in will help you to work with her and may (!) help him to settle more.....sometimes you have to go backwards to go forwards. Try to get her to just do the minimum with him and get her to play with the others ...that way he can see good examples of interaction (she may not interact at home at all so you may need to give her lots of advice!) You have a chance to make a real difference to this family I suspect...!
  15. What would you do?

    you may be dealing with an a attachment disorder if he is this young and has had traumas in his young life. if Mum has any time off...or can come in for a couple of days why don't you try this and get her to take him to the loo. This way he breaks the cycle of not doing it at school. (is he worried about performing on anything other than his home loo??) or is it the attachment issue or the actual action itself. We need to move this little guy on ...we just need to know why he's doing what he's doing. It won't be bad behaviour, there will be a reason for it. Not sure I agree with him being in pullups (though I understand the other problems) what has happened in the past if he is in pants and you take him to the loo? when you say he refused, by doing what? Do you have any other concerns about his development???