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  1. Manage the content that you see

    Rebecca, is it possible to edit an existing custom stream? I’d set one up but now I know it’s possible would like to remove the Tapestry stuff from it but I can’t work out how!
  2. New update ... here to help!

    You're very welcome!
  3. New update ... here to help!

    Also on the list of unread posts there is a dark blue circle (or star if you already posted in that thread) to the left of the title. If you click on this rather the title it will take you to the first unread post in the thread.
  4. Forum Update

    Just wanted to say I think it's lovely. A little unfamiliar but very shiny and clean looking. I like it! Thank you to everyone for all the 'behind the screens' work and for keeping this lovely place going.
  5. New update ... here to help!

    I've just discovered how to create a 'Custom activity stream' which was very easy and really helpful to see what I want to see!
  6. Outdoor equipment

    I dare you to say it for her...
  7. I have a friend whose daughter has just started reception and when reading at home she is able to sound out words accurately but not blend them. My friend has asked for some ideas to help. I'm going to suggest practising lots of phase 1 type stuff - oral segmenting and blending. However, has anyone got any other ideas? I've been out of reception for a couple of years now and it's telling!
  8. I'm on the iPad and can't find an emoji with one raised eyebrow! Interesting reading thanks. I'm reviewing our KS1 planning this summer - will have this at the back of my mind.
  9. Brilliant. Thanks for all the ideas.
  10. I've been mulling this over and with a summer ahead of me to prepare for a new class have decided to 'go' with the fiddle toys for everyone approach. Next year's class is markedly different: 2:1 boy/girl ratio, 20% on the SEND register and another 10% or so on the SEND concerns list. I am going to make some DIY fiddle toys over the summer - enough for everyone and do my best to teach the children how to use them. I am going to do things like nuts and bolts that will spin up and down, pipe cleaners with beads on, pipe cleaners encased in fabric/padding so they are soft but bendy and I was contemplating mini pots of playdough (I'm still undecided about that one though)! So, I'd love any other ideas anyone has to DIY the toys themselves and also any suggestions about how I go about the teaching bit. I'm thinking of having a jar of them on each table so that when children are sitting listening at the table or about to transfer to the carpet they can pick one up if they choose. I feel like I need some ground rules though and am very open to suggestions!
  11. Hot Weather..

    Always worth trying new things...
  12. Hot Weather..

    PS My top tip for sleep at night in really hot weather. Round about tea time put a hot water bottle filled with cold water into the freezer. When you go to bed take it out, put into a cover (mine's furry) and put in your bed - it creates delicious cool patches and really helps me sleep!
  13. Hot Weather..

    I love a good thunderstorm. All went well today - all 140 children safely there and back, no injuries, no throwing up, lovely bus drivers. The weather was perfect dry, breezy, cool!
  14. Me too - I kept getting carried away and then discovering that the next question addressed the point I'd just made!
  15. Hot Weather..

    I know - in my last school that was the entire school! I am significantly greyer than I was when I first started this job!