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  1. Updating Policies

    I update them then they go before the committee at the next meeting and the policies that have been changed are adopted are then written down in the minutes of the meeting. Changes are then shared with staff. Actually you have just reminded me that it must be that time of year again when I check them all😕
  2. Glitter Ban

    When you think about it, how much of the glitter that we actually use in the setting will find it’s way into the water system? I personally think that not much will. What doesn’t stick to the glue, gets swept up and goes in the bin. I suppose there is the argument that what is left on the children’s hands will be washed into the water system, but this will be hardly anything. I agree that their is a huge problem with the plastic getting back into the water system/food system but think that the glitter ban that this Nursery is doing is just a little bit crazy!!
  3. SORRY in advance for mentioning the C word! Just wondering if any of you do an alternative Christmas play/nativity? We always do a various form of the traditional nativity but would love to do something a bit different that perhaps weaves in characters that the children actually like to dress up as (Frozen, super hero’s etc). I like to have a play that rhymes as I personally find it easier to narrate that way.(Its my worst nightmare every year narrating the nativity) but I am not very imaginative in my writing, just wondering if anyone has anything like this that they would be happy to share? The other thing is, we only have half the usual amount of children this year with only 12 children! So are a bit limited. Would be interested to hear what others are doing. 🙂
  4. Appraisals

    I’m not sure. I was advised to have two supervision’s and one appraisal each year. But I not sure what the legal requirements are.
  5. packed lunches

    We insist on sandwiches first, then their choice after that. We do have to limit what some children eat after this though, as some bring far too much in their lunch boxes!
  6. Have you looked on Pinterest, they have some great ideas.
  7. Would love to be contacted about this.
  8. What you just described is bug in the rug, when the child returns to guess who is hiding we say “bug, bug, bug in the rug, who is the bug in the rug? With a questioning intonation in our voices.
  9. Scam

    Well done you.
  10. What would you do?

    I am feeling the same at the moment with the very dubious DBS update system! Someone somewhere is making a lot of money and it’s not us in Early Years!
  11. What would you do?

    I cannot see how you could claim Funding even if you wanted to. Surely if you did you would only have to pay it back again. I can understand your frustration.
  12. Please can you explain how to play squeak piggy squeak, sardines and piggy in the middle?🙂
  13. We really need to learn some new games to play. Ones we play already are: Duck, duck goose, princess long ago, bug in a rug, farmer in the den, ring a roses, Hokey Cokey. Does anyone have any more that we can add to our list? Also any ideas for PE sessions, again we seem to do the same things all the time. Look forward to hearing your ideas🤞
  14. SENDcO

    I would say that it is good practice for two people to be SENCO trained if possible.
  15. governing document help

    If you look at the PSLA website it gives clear instructions on what you have to do. We are going to adopt it at our AGM next week.