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  1. Breakfast and afterschool club

    Thankyou for your replies. The committee are looking into extra grants etc. The school runs its own after school club so we won't be able to get anyone from there I don't think.
  2. Breakfast and afterschool club

    We are only taking preschool children, some of them are under 3 as parents work. we will need to break even at 4 children to cover two staff wages. Also does your 30 hour funding include these sessions or do parents have to pay extra? Thankyou for replying
  3. Hi can anyone tell me how they staff breakfast club and after school club?. Do you cover this with existing staff or recruit others to just do these shifts? How do you make this viable? At the moment we can only operate some of these shifts due to existing staff child care commitments. The village school does not provide breakfast or after-school club, so it is difficult for my staff to work the early or late shifts. We are not on the school site and are not connected to the school at all, although we are in the same village. At the moment we only have maybe one or two children that access the breakfast or afterschool club . The staffs wages are higher than the income coming in. Does anyone just do specific days for these extra hours or have you tried it and it is just not viable? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. x
  4. Hi Does anyone download their children's Learning Journal from Tapestry for the parents onto a memory stick when they leave to go to school? This has been done in previous years by my previous Manager, but does anyone know how that now sits within GDPR? Also it does cost a lot of money on USB sticks, does anyone have any thoughts on this subject?