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I am setting up a brand new FS in September. I would love to hear your top 5 resources (could be anything - games, toys, furniture...)


I'm sure this would be useful for others too xx

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1 Children :o

2 Tuff spot

3 access to independent creativity table/area ( I would include several sellotape machines especially)

4 2d and 3d shapes of all sizes and forms

5 outdoor equipment (particularly CD player and range of music from around the world)

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Community Playthings blocks large and small



DT workbench and tools


although considering how Ive spent my weekend and how I plan to spend the next few hours a laminator should be there somewhere

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Off the top of my head


1/ wheeled units. ( used for self selection, seperating play zones, and wheels helps when taking furniture outdoors and because we put away every day)

2/ Laminator ( how sad am I )

3/ Big Books

4/ natural wood blocks ( not coloured)

5/ natural resources, collected over time, varying from sea shells to lovely smelly paper layers found in chocolate boxes :o


and without exception best resource is my staff xD



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actually I could go on......items such as sound jigsaws, computor, printer, digital camera, hoops and beanbags, large whiteboard at childrens height, water/sand trays............................


Sorry couldn't help myself..



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Mine are, in no particular order:


1 Tuff spot-we have three so that one can be used for sand on the floor, one kept for clean activities.

2 Our help yourself trolley from Community Play Things-if I had to chose a favourite it would be this. The children have gained so much from it since we bought it last year.

3 Laminator-I know Peggy said it was sad but I have made so many games with mine and saved a fortune.

4 Storage from Ikea-cheap and cheerful!

5 Digital camera-I need to get one for the children next.



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Guest sqpeg

wouldn't be without blocks from Com playthings all sizes



sand trays / water trays hoses pipes etc

a place to dig in the dirt

lots of books


drapes, cloths, sheets, pegs

various size balls

teddy bear puppet crow puppet

pointy finger sticks


wheeled self selection cabinets and book shelves community playthings do good furniture can be shifted to suit play and activities both inside and out

however I tried to lift up one end of full water tray to move and as put down so tidal wave came back at me!!! note to self move when empty!

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What a wonderful opportunity!

As the Barclaycard (I think) advert might say...

*Tuff spots x 2 (Wish I'd got space for that number!) Today used with paper mache paste for writing clusters and numbers.

*Wheeled toys. (Used today to support PD and MD in delivering correct number of items to be washed at role-play laundrette through cones and along plastic lines that formed the road.)

*Jars and jars of glitter! In play dough,water,flour,wash up liquid,by itself .Use as magic writng dust:(sprinkle onto white board or paper) to support magical mark-making.

*Tents,clothes-horses and fabric (A little bit of a cheat-sorry) Hidey-holes for self-choosing activities and problem-solving. Today children used a clothes horse and fabric to make a boat to support our science work.Wonderful opportunities for CLL and MD.

*Storage units that allow children to easily access resources by sight. I have found that the ones that I inherited 3 years ago where the children cannot see into are accessed far less than the newer ones bought a year ago.

And,as has been voiced before. Those you work with - priceless.

Would love to know your Top 5 once you have decided.

Wishing you the best in this exciting project.


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Thanks so much everyone so far! Has really got me thinking and am keeping a list of all your ideas under different headings. Peggy don't apologise for adding more as many ideas as poss! I know I am getting IWBs though don't know which type yet (though keeping fingers crossed for smartboards). Tuffspots already high up on the list as a must! I really want to get it right re. furniture - this is the expensive bit and it is so hard to know what will work although I really want lots of self-storage. I do like the community play things stuff - just had a look on their site.


Keep them coming! x :o

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Hi Andrea,


Thanks for the different things! Is this the tree you mentioned:

TTS Tree

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Guest Wolfie

As far as furniture is concerned, I would definitely go and have a look at what IKEA have to offer if you have one near you - I set up my own nursery from scratch and got ALL my storage from there at a fraction of the prices in the main catalogues!

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Big pieces of fabric


variety of buttons

decorating piant brushes

finger puppets

Ikea boxes that all fit inside each other

clothes pegs

Dice with pockets

Shhh! - Sally Grindley and Peter Utton

Shower curtain or other wipeable cover



Theres probably more but thats more or less what I rely on on supply :o

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Sorry to sound simple but what are tuff spots, are they like builders trays, sorry just curious :(






Scrap this question, just been looking at other topics and found the one all about tuff spots ot builders trays as I know them as......talk about being divided by the same language xD:o:(

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lots of cushions

camp bed for role play or just a rest

don't forget the staff- a comfy staff room ( if your lucky) storage to keep personal items safe

I use a wheeled box with rail ( meant for role play) as my music box so instruments can be accessed at any time.


I have foldable wheeled large tables.


attached picture showing wheeled table, blocks, Ikea storage box seats, book case ( used for files in this pic) which folds in half and is on wheels.





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These chairs from Ikea are great too, adult sized but low, however the children had lots of fun with them too. £5 each. :o



In the background you can see screens we made using small plastic plumbing piping ( fix together in rectangles with corner pipes ) and fabric placed like pillow cases over the top.





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Can't beat community playthings for quality. We've got furniture that has lasted years and years. Love Ikea too, just not fortunate enough to have one near although that is about to change I hope.


Our children love our 3 tier trolley on wheels that they can roll out themselves, full of tools (ours are plastic with batteries) for their role play plus odd things like pipes, shower head, anything left over from a DIY job (with safety in mind).


Wooden blocks from community playthings.


Didicar - this is very popular. We were lucky enough to get one free from product testing. It received a gold or silver medal from Practical Pre-School. Children move themselves by twisting the steering wheel which sets the car in motion. Highly recommended.



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Folding container trolley-when they are empty they fold down flat and the handle pusshes down. We use them to take equipment outside and when we go on trips.

Bubble machines-saves a lot of puff and the children love them.


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Wow! You guys are brilliant! Head full of ideas now! Thanks esp. to Peggy for the visual aids! I am fighting for a good outside area. My new head wanted to concrete the whole thing!!!! I have persuaded her that this is BAD and we are getting Learning through Landscapes in! I am big on outside area - doing my MA dissertation on it!

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I'm quite devastated .... we currently have 4 mature cherry trees the children swing on and make dens under and Sure Start have announced they plan to cut them down when they build our new Children's Centre .

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I would be devastated too.. the tree in our garden offers so much... particularly shade when it is really hot, alongside the climbing and getting stuck ( had to rescue one today!!) building tents, role play continually done in the tree from pirates to monsters and finding creatures....


Is it so they can use the space to build or can you argue the reason why they are so useful... or perhaps plant something else to replace them.


Useful resources....


sheets and pegs


movable screens


carpets or rugs for in and out


round tables ....very social and ours are collapsable so roll when moving them...less lifting.


Cd player and Ross Bailey raps

children love them, just put it on and watch them go!!!!!

Must admit parents a bit unsure when children went home spinning like helicopters and shaking their 'bum'.



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Digging pit outside

Sand pit outside

Dens in the bushes

Sheets to make dens

small hillock outside

water tray inside and outside

logs, branches, twigs, leaves




face paint


craft material

paper, pens, pencils, chalks

note pads everywhere

dressing up clothes and material

good books especially BIG books


These are the favourite things in my nursery at the moment - more than 5...but I got carried away

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