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Hi Everyone


I have just joined the forum and am finding it all interesting.


I am currently doing an MA in Education and am focusing on Early Years.


I wondered if any of you would be interested in helping with my research project.


If you would, please complete the attached questionnaire and return it to me by PM (personal message.)


Thanking you in advance.




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Hi Janet and welcome to the forum.

I had a look at your questionnaire and started to complete it but I don't know how I can circle answers unless I print off a copy and post it to you. I looked to see if I could highlight them but couldn't find how to.

If I do find a way of doing it how do I then PM it to you?




OK I've answered my first question-found the tools button!


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Hi Linda, I think if you save the questionnaire once you have completed it you should be able toi send it as an attachment to Janet.


Hi Janet by the way, did you have a target audience for your questionnaire or is it aimed at anyone within the EY sector?

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Hi -

Good suggestion mundia - if anyone wants to return it via a PM attachment they can type the answers in where appropriate, and you could 'select' the multiple choice answers by, eg, selecting the box and clicking the highlight tool?


For this, you'll need to have MS Word installed on your own PC. Alternatively Janet also gives her address at the bottom of the questionnaire if you don't mind providing a postage stamp and envelope.


I've just had a PM from Janet saying she's now off on holiday for ten days and asking me to thank anyone who sends her replies in the meantime. :)

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Welcome to the forum Janet, interesting questions, sent reply by email. Hope you've had a good holiday and maybe in the future you can help me with my degree research. :o



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