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A colleague has just told me about this 'wake up shake up' daily physical activity programme


Does anyone know anything about it, or where I can find out more about it... I have looked at a dvd of it which suggests a website, but can't access it...

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We do it for 15 mins every morning. it is basically a mini aerobics session. We do a warm up to Queens under pressure and then we have a number of routines one to ymca one to when the going gets tough another to it's raining men and another to locamotion (we only do one of these a day) We then cool down to in the air tonight. We were given a dvd with some basic routines but we have since made up our own to music.

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Guest sqpeg


with the help of my son ive been able to post something useful!

I thought Ive heard that Wake... somewhere and ask young son does he know a wake up song and this is what he said


Wake up Wake up

give yourself a shake up

Get your body moving

Reach up Jump up

Give yourself the thumbs up

Its a lovely new day.



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'Wake up' is an assembly song from Songs for every Assembly from Out of the Ark,with the chorus as sqpeg has put above. Lovely song and a super book, and you can do the actions.

Get your feet dancing to the beat

Get your body moving... can't quite remember the rest but someone will.

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Now you've had me singing all morning.


Got it;


Get your feet

Dancing to the beat,

Get your body moving.

Raise a shout 'Hey!'

Get your feelings out.

It's another new day.


Then the chorus as before.


Mind you I don't think this is an excercise programme so probably isn't what you were looking for.

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ive been on placement recently where the school do wake up shake up every morning, as lola stated. it is a dance/aerobics session which is modelled around actions and rotines to different songs.

It great for the children as they get to participate in exercise, and they have fun at the same time!

i think its excellent.


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hi, not been on the Forum for a few weeks and have just seen that you have been talking about 'Wake up Shake up'. We do it in our school, Key stage 2 go into the hall Mon, Weds and Fri, Key stage 1 and Foundation on Tues and Fri. When we have special days (usually when everyone is dressed up!) we all go in together! Eventually, when the weather sorts itself out (and we have a sound system for outdoors) we will all be doing it in the playground at 'line up time'. Nursery start 10 mins after school, but the children come in early on 'Wake up ..' days and we have seen tremendous changes in some of our children who used to be quite 'daunted' by everyone dancing round. We feel this has been a great help to our 'transition' as our nursery are used to being with the 'whole school' and if they can cope with 200+ children and YMCA they can cope with everything!

When we start doing it outside that will be another change for Nursery as our children normally come straight into class and only go onto the 'big playground' for Fire drills, outside P.E. etc.

In the hall our P.E. co-ordinator and 3-4 yr6 children are at the front leading the dancing, and again on days when they are out other older children get turns to lead - great for their P.S.E.!

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We do wake up shake up every morning in nursery, we use any dance music and a set of actions that the children learn (including some brain gym movements) and the children also make up some moves themselves. We are about to extend this to parents before school starts and also the rest of the school. Its great fun, and it really does seem to settle the children.

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