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Phonics Programmes That Have The Ok!


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Hi just wondering if anyone knows when the list of OK commercial phonics programmes will be out by the DFES. Wondering whether I will be carrying on with the one we currently use or whether we will be changing!



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I don't know but I was wondering if anyone knew when the new Playing with Sounds is coming out. I think it's supposed to be soon!


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Our LEA have given us an outline of recommended schemes with pros and cons for us to choose from, apparently Dfes were going to benchmark schemes, but publishers were not happy in case their schemes weren't benchmarkes so the publishers are going to do this themselves.


Very briefly this is what was said about different schemes -


Fast Phonics First - fits well but needs schools to plan their own pre-phonic skills to ensure readiness

Letterland - not really synthetic phonics as doesn't advocate blending and segmenting until all single letter sounds introduced.

RML - Ruth Miskin Literacy - fits well, but prescribes texts to be used etd, may not be broad enough

Jolly Phonics - fits well but needs schools to plan their own pre-phonic skills to ensure readiness

New Dfes scheme - not yet finalised or published, but fits all criteria.


We currently use Jolly Phonics, but I did like the look of Fast Phonics First and the new Dfes scheme sounds good, but don't know when it will be published, so we may continue with JP then see what else comes up in the future, publishers will all be jumping on the bandwagon!

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At a meeting last night regarding auditing provision for CLL

They say the new PWS will have far more material within it particularly at Phase 1 (Nursery)

It is coming with CD-Rom so Interactive resources. Will be available from mid-to late May


Apparently Jolly Phonics are going to writie an extra supplement to their scheme in line with the outcome from Rose review


We are having Ann Foster to do Phonics training with Nursery to Yr 6 teachers!

Lots of Year 3 + children who still need a discrete phonics session don't get it!

We will then track phonics across the age range


The other issue raised was tracking speaking and listening (which is very poor on entry to our school) across the age phase - anyone any ideas


Thanks Becky

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"The Primary National Strategy will soon be withdrawing 'Playing with Sounds' and 'Progression in Phonics' and replacing them by publishing 'Letters and Sounds', a new resource for teaching high quality phonic work. It is due to be published early in the summer term and will be made available online. We are not promoting 'Letters and Sounds' as the preferred phonics programme, merely one that will meet the core criteria, and early years settings and schools are free to choose commercial programmes if they wish. However, schools and settings should not delay in assessing their teaching requirements and selecting and using an effective phonics support programme."

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i think the new one is called sounds and letters or something like that available early summer term- the schools should all be getting copies for foundation and year 1 then :)

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