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As some of you may know my computor crashed, good news £45 later, all is restored. Dust in the fan caused it to not start up, once cleaned, all ok :D:D


My husband and I are new Foster parents, ( a year) We have just received an email saying that we have been matched to have a sibling group of four children, one girl three boys ages between 3 yrs and 12 yrs, + :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D


Hopefully they will be with us by christmas, and best of all their care order is that they will stay with us until they reach adulthood, so they won't ever have to be moved again :D:D


We now await their first visit and transition to our home :D

I am sooooo excited. :o



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That sounds great, and especially for the children in that they will have some continuity of care. It is sad when children get moved around alot. I know that sometimes it has to happen.


Pleased for u and the children. What a lovely Christmas that would be!!!!

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:) Congratulations from me too. They are very lucky to be placed with you and your hubby! Absolutely wonderful that they can stay together too. Thank goodness for people like you - the thought of them being separated would be dreadful, so I wish you all the best. A fantastic Christmas and new year ahead!


Will the youngest be able to go to your pre-school?


Best wishes


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Fantastic news about your laptop - £45 sounds a bargain to me!


Wonderful news about your family. Spooky though - as today I found out how the 4 Looked after Children we had at our school are doing, they all left us at the end of last term and we were wondering how they were getting on. Very well apparently - so it's a feel good day all round!


Makes you glad to be alive!

Liz x

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Peggy that is such fantastic news for the family, they are so lucky to have such a wonderful outlook for their lives, imagine how much security, stability and love you will be able to give, so rewarding to be in that position, Peggy I have said it before - you are a wonderful person and the world is a better place with people like you


Wow, your house might be as noisy as mine on the big day!! The best noise in the world is the noise of excited children!!!


(Not taking away that it will be really hard work, good times and bad times, but the good will far outweigh the bad)


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