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Now I know I've been wittering on about the software upgrade for some time now, and possibly you may have thought the strange error message yesterday when you tried to access the FSF was a part of my grand master plan - but...


I'm terribly sorry. I was doing some things with the host computer yesterday which (and I won't bore you with the unpleasant technical details) caused the database system that holds all the forum information to send itself to Coventry. It had nothing to do with the forum upgrade, and I was so busy sorting out other things I wasn't even aware of it until I popped in to check the Forum last evening. xD


I thought it had been very quiet - no topic notifications or new members or anything. And usually if the FSF is ever unavailable I get emails within minutes from (quite properly) irritated members. But presumably because I've been warning everyone I'm going to carry out a planned upgrade you all thought I was doing it and left me alone! :(


Once I'd noticed what had happened it was the work of a few seconds to put it right - but for those of you who needed the FSF yesterday, many apologies. All I can say is - I'm going to do it again deliberately next week, when the 'real' upgrade should happen. :o

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Don't be sorry Steve. I need a bit of down -time ocassionally to make me do the boring stuff like cleaning etc.etc.

A friend of mine has just told me that her husband has OCD and is having treatment!!!!!!!!

If he is going on holiday he uses the computer and the library so he is familiar with the place. He also keeps things tidy in cupboards.He sounds sensible to me.So where that leave me not only do I do the same but I couldn't imagine not being able to come on here. A councellor wouldn't know where to start with me.The first thing I do when I return to my house is to log on here or I can't function.

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We know you're just keeping us on our toes Steve!


bublejack - maybe we need to form our own councellor service - we could called ourselves FSFA (foundation stage forum annonymous)

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It always makes me feel smug when the experts mess up their computers :oxD:( !


The good news is you've made me chuckle Steve. The bad news is another day without the forum :( . Maybe I might actually do some paperwork instead of keep sidetracking on the FSF!!! Perhaps you could make this a weekly event - my workload would lessen greatly!

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