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I don't know if any of you have read the latest newsletter? There is some information about a linked blog and website called Learning Through Play by Maslaha. I got a few minutes into their first video and was shocked at the activities that were being advised. The first was an alphabet hunt, ok fine, for reception aged children this might be fun. The second was  paint a panda . Why a panda? I have no idea, it was not related to anything. The video then explains how you get your child to paint in leaves for a background, show them where the black goes etc. Whaaaaaaaat? Have we gone back 50 years? How is this learning through play? How is the child playing if they are being directed exactly what to do. That is not playing! I didn't get any further in these videos as I was too shocked to look further. The thought that some parents may watch this and think this is ok make me shudder. Please Please Tapestry do not have any links to this website. Ask us, real reception and nursery teachers, we can give lots of ideas. 

Ok rant over, as you were!

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Thank you for your post.

Whilst I do understand your point about the panda, the activity is just one of 20 in the series, and is just a suggestion of something to create with your child. It went through the skills taught which the child could then go ahead and use in their own creations later. I know when I was teaching, I would teach a skill, such as the little dot painting, using a small image that the children could follow, but then got them to use that skill to create any picture they wanted - such as a house or themselves.

The Maslaha videos are very accessible for many families, especially where English is not their first language, but if you feel that these would not be appropriate for your setting, please see it as only a suggestion of ideas.

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