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I had to come to the very sad decision to close my Pre-school at the end of the Summer term.  I have owned it for 39 years - I am well beyond retirement age but have been actively involved in the daily running all the time. I was, and still am so upset with the decision I had to make as it was more of a way of life for me not just a job. 

The advice I need now is - How long should I keep things like -

Risk Assessments done on the building

Health and Safety/Hygiene Inspection reports

Staff Appraisals

Staff job application forms from when they applied

Children registration forms

Childrens Admissions forms (completed by parents as they start Preschool)

Free Entitlement forms

Medication administered forms

Children register for daily attendance

Accident books

Grant quotations and paperwork for work done

HMRC and all accounts - 7 years I believe

Communications from other outside agencies.

As I go through things there are bound to be more things that I come across so perhaps may need your advice again.

I hope you can advise me on this. i would really appreciate any help you can give please.





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Verona I'm sorry to learn you have had to close your pre-school, it's always a huge adjustment that needs to be made when we do.

When we were all juggling with the new GDPR rules coming in a couple of years ago, there was a lot of information about retention of records etc particularly as each authority seemed to have differing ideas, so maybe talking to your authority would help, however, if you check out the Resources section on the forum  site you will find Pre-school Alliance Retention suggestions and what is statutory and what is not.     Surprisingly some records seem to be needed to be kept for a very very very long time😂    I have told my sons that I will leave them to their care in my Will!

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Hi Verona,

I'm so sorry to hear about the difficult decision you've had to make to close your nursery. 39 years is incredible, and such a service to the children and families in your community. 

On behalf of the FSF I wish you all the best for this new journey in your life. 

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