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Amending categories shown on the 'care diary'


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I am really interested in using the Care Diary on Tapestry however my reception class would not necessarily need the toileting / sleeping etc. 

Is there an option to assign / remove certain categories to or from a class or individual child or do they all have to be there?

I am just trying to weigh up whether using it will be advantageous to use for staff who are navigating managing parent expectations as we transition back from the pandemic 🤪

Thanks in advance ✌🏻

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Congratulations on your first post!!

We have recently added the option to make use of the Accidents and Comments section without having to enable the entire Care Diary. Would this be more suitable for you? Just in case, I am leaving some tutorials below (this is to enable Accidents and Comments out of the Care Diary):

  1. How to enable the Accidents Feature
  2. Adding an Accident Form from the Accidents Feature
  3. Using the Comments Tool in the Accidents Feature

I am afraid, however, that if you want to access the 'Meals' section, for example, you'd need to enable the full Care Diary and then ignore those sections that you wouldn't need.

We've had some other settings requesting similar things, so we are looking into making the sections within the Care Diary optional, but no decision has been made yet. The more people request it, though, the more likely it will be that we tackle that next!

Best wishes,


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we have recently started using the accidents form and i'm loving it! we also have used the comments sections for prior incidents its been helpful when we dont want to use paper and pens as the tablet can be cleaned after every use 

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