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Blurring a face in a photo


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6 hours ago, cmaria said:

Is it possible to blur/pixelate faces in photos? I have a looked after child who is not allowed to be in group photos.

This is going to sound snippy and I don't really intend it to be - why don't you just ensure that he/she is not in any group photos?

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We have had a few children who cannot be in photo's so we take a whole group for that child and either stand them on the end so we can 'crop' or take two photos one with them in and one with them out that is then shared.  

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Unfortunately, it's not possible to select specific children in a photo and blur these out on Tapestry. 

In the User Permissions section in the Control Panel you can set it so relatives can't see any media in group observations, but this would apply to all observations for all children. This tutorial will show you how to access and change the options in the User Permissions section. 

You can use the "edit" tool to crop photos on Tapestry, to remove children from photos or could you use additional software or apps to obscure or pixelate the other child's face before uploading the photo.  

We would ultimately like to be able to offer this within Tapestry itself, but it is likely to be a while before we are able to add this feature, and I know many settings use other apps effectively in conjunction with Tapestry (eg. adding smiley faces over the faces of the children, or a blurring tool).

Any photo editor will probably offer you something that would work, so perhaps search your usual app store for any editor, or the word "blur" or "sticker", and see which apps work for you.  There shouldn't be any need to pay for an app - I'm sure that there are a lot that will work very well for free!

Best wishes,


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we often take photos on our camera apps on our tablets and then add them to the observation. As emily says the opportunity to edit them is often much easier that way but it does depend on what you are doing your obs on ...our Amazon tablets are basic but even these we can do some editing on. If i was using my phone (which i don't for obs!) i could do all sorts of fancy stuff!👍

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