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Water Play during Covid

Sue Tighe

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Hi,  can i ask what settings are doing for water play? I have read servel things about the use of different products (chlorine, bleach tablets, very soapy water) that need to be used to ensure the water is safe for the children to play in. 

Any suggestions or advice? 

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Get some good sized washing up bowls and place two at a time  - one at each end - into the water tray full of warm water with antibacterial hand wash in. Allow two children to play, one at each end and give them a plastic box of toys to play with in the water, the two boxes of toys identical so that they don't fight over them. Bowls to be emptied, washed out and refilled and toys sterilised for the next two children. 

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Water play seems to have turned into a really contentious subject.!  I am following a post about it on FB and people have very strong opinions about using or not using it.  Personally I am going to have it but I only have three children.  They will wash hands before and after and I will use a little soap in the water as well. Like normal to make it bubbly.  I think that playing with other toys poses more of a threat but that is my opinion. As long as you risk asses it and monitor how it’s going.  We all know our own groups and what is right for some is not right for others.  Go with your own heart and decision.

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there was some guidance on this from a sensible source ..finding it difficult to locate it but will post if i can. We are using water outside (with a small amount of soap of some sort) each bubble has their own and it's washed down ...my swimmer seems to have given up so thats good! the only issue with this that i can see is changing children if they are soaked (but we do that when they wee don't we) Sand play has been set up in two trays (one for each group) in a large 1 metre square tray. Its working well. If anyone sneezes or coughs in it we will throw clean down and start a fresh

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