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Free flow 'v' Fire doors


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Hi Everyone

We recently had a Fire Risk Assessment carried out and one of the requirements was for us to label the fire doors 'Firs doors - Keep Closed'. Two of these doors are the ones that are usually kept open to enable our free flow inside/outside. Obviously I am now worried that holding these doors open will go against the 'Keep closed' sign on them. Has anyone else has this issue and if so can you let me know what you do?

Thank you! 

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Hi Maria -

You can buy equipment to hold fire doors open, that are designed to close on the sound of a fire alarm. We have some in our building, and the building control inspection approved them. Would this work for you? You could then have them open for your free flow, but (assuming you have an audible fire alarm) you should be ok with your fire risk assessment. Perhaps ask the people who did your fire risk assessment whether they would be happy with this solution?

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Maria , who did your fire risk assessment? did they not provide you with some solutions?  One of the buildings we've worked in couldn't have a fire alarm so you used to have to shout Fire x3 ! ther are often alternatives. Or you could ask your local fire station for advise too

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Thank you both for your suggestions and support. We are a workplace Nursery based in an office type building, so I think part of the problem is that they are trying to impose the same rules to us that they are in the wider building. We are currently closed so not much I can do at the moment but definitely one to add to my return to do list!

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5 hours ago, Maria_Thorpe said:

Hi Sunnyday

Thank you for your response, that is a really interesting point, do you know where I may be able to find this in writing? That would be a great solution if that is the case.



Hi Maria

This came from a 'fire officer' - hmm - not sure how you could contact anyone.......sorry that's no help at all

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