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Please don't shoot me, I should probably know this!  If the Manager is off sick long term, can a qualified member of staff be acting leader 

1. without informing ofsted

2. needing ey2/ey3.

Also can she be acting leader if said manager resigns whilst they advertise for replacement, again would ofsted need to be informed, ey2/3 required?


Many thanks.


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I think this may be included in the significant changes section. I would ring them and have a chat. It's not uncommon . I am assuming you have a DBS and are on the update service so i expect that they would not require you to do this at present (unless it becomes permanent) . You may need to inform your insurance company too. As for the acting headship i'm sure they could answer this at the same time. Just ring them ...they are usually very helpful once you get through!

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