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Data protection agreements

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Firstly, thank you for all your hard work Rebecca and team, this forum has been invaluable. 


Secondly, does anybody have any idea about where to start with data sharing agreements?! What do I send to companies, is an email enough? 

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At my nursery, we sent an email and have kept a copy of their reply. This is what we asked:

"We are in the middle of assessing for the new GDPR which is due to come into effect in May and we are checking with our 3rd parties regarding any of our data held.

Please could you advise the following so we can sign this off 

- How the data you process on our behalf will be handled?  

- Can you also confirm that you will be compliant with the new regulations when it comes into effect?  

- Can you confirm how the data is stored and whether this is shared with a 3rd party? 

- Lastly, how is the data deleted from your system when you no longer need it any more? "

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Yes I sent this out the same as Rebecca.  Had a couple of replies but others are either still in the process of sorting it or ignoring me!  I did receive info from the bank with our statement today so have put that in my GDPR folder as proof.  Thanks to Rebecca and Lauren and the PSLA I am (I hope) completely up to date and GDPR ready🤞(Famous last words). Shockingly there has been no information or advice from our LA!

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