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  1. Data protection agreements

    thanks both xx
  2. Data protection agreements

    HI, Firstly, thank you for all your hard work Rebecca and team, this forum has been invaluable. Secondly, does anybody have any idea about where to start with data sharing agreements?! What do I send to companies, is an email enough?
  3. OFSTED registration visit

    thanks all its all in process currently x
  4. OFSTED registration visit

    Hi all, I hope this is the right place for this. I am the manager at a preschool which is moving premises and changing its name over the summer so will require a registration visit. Due to various reasons, I may not be able to make the registration visit in the summer and will need my deputy to go with the company director (a volunteer as we converted from committee to company) as a result my deputy is very nervous about facing ofsted. Does anybody know what sort of thing they ask and look for when they do a registration visit so I calm her nerves about it all. thanks xx
  5. market research

    sorry yes, should have been more specific in my question. The questions will all have tick boxes underneath. The lunch point is good thank you. It becomes complicated panders, although I appreciate you replying, as its an established setting looking to move location but was trying to create a questionnaire that would canvas people who werent already in the setting x
  6. Hi all, I am currently writing a questionnaire to work out what parents want from the setting in terms of cost/sessions/location etc What hours would you like your child to attend a pre-school/nursery setting for example all day/ 8-6/morning sessions How much are you willing to be pay for additional hours What would you like a pre-school/nursery to offer From what age would you like your child to attend preschool/nursery Would you like a pre-school/nursery that is already linked to a primary school Does your child already attend a pre-school/nursery setting What is the main deciding factor when choosing a pre-school/nursery Any other comments on childcare provision Those are the basic questions I have so far, what else have i missed? my brain seems to be dead at the moment thanks xx
  7. Planning for interests of the child

    thank you so much for those, will be a great asset for my team xx
  8. personal references - help needed please

    Thanks everyone, excuse my ignorance but what do you ask when asking for a character reference. Do just ask them to write the reference or do you give them a tick sheet kind of style? xx
  9. Hi all, We have just employed a member of staff who proved herself whilst working as a parent volunteer, she is just about to start her level 3 as well. I am sending out reference requests but the problem I have is that she has not been employed for a long time (stay at home mum previously) and so the typical reference sheet I have seen before isn't really relevant as she hasn't got an employment history as such. What would be a suitable reference request to send? Thanks for your help xx
  10. Induction pack

    Hi all, We have a new member of staff starting and previously there has been no proper induction to the setting. This is something I would like to change so I am complying an induction pack which will include health form, next kin form, policies for them to read and sign and a page of information about the setting, expectations, uniform that sort of thing. What else should I include? thanks xx
  11. Supporting a practitioner in learning how to supervise

    Thanks woodlands, the bit about positioning is perfect thank you - Ive done an obs ready for tomorrow meeting to go through which has positives and then the issue of supervision in so was intending on doing the positive "sandwich" as well xx
  12. Supporting a practitioner in learning how to supervise

    I believe that is has been pointed out before but by previous managers but support wasn't followed up so not sure how aware of the extent of the issue they are. plan is highlight it to them and see where we go from there but trying to think how to support them in learning the skill particularly as i want to offer them support to improve rather then just knocking their confidence as previous managers have done. xx
  13. Hi, I hope this is the right board and I apology if not, I have a practitioner who is brilliant in small groups but is struggling with the "bigger picture" supervision. For example the practitioner will be sat with a child doing an activity and not notice what the child 3feet away from her is doing even if it is potentially harmful to said child. As you can imagine this is become somewhat of a issue within the setting. Im having a meeting with the practitoner tomorrow and plan to put mentoring in place to help. But my question is how do you teach someone to pay attention to what is going on in the room whilst doing an activity. Any tips or hints greatly appreciated xx
  14. When Ofsted visits

    well thats what the inspector had the talk said as long as you explain what your're going to do rather then just leaving them there
  15. When Ofsted visits

    Think my Lea is in favour of it but if its the general number we ring then its going to take forever. hmmm