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Hello playgroup1,

The statutory framework says : " Practitioners should encourage parents and/or carers to share information from the progress check with other relevant professionals, including their health visitor and the staff of any new provision the child may transfer to" (p14, 2.5)

So no, you don't have to repeat it. If it were me I'd chat to parents about the check from the previous setting and be sure that my own baseline fitted with what had been seen previously - if it didn't, I might want to talk to the previous setting and to parents to be sure that the child was settling ok with me.

Hope that helps :)

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Hi Rebecca

That was my understanding too and we do get a copy of the check from parents when children transfer.

I am asking the question because a setting near us was told by an Ofsted inspector that they had to do their own checks regardless of whether a child had already had one done. Apparently the manager queried it too and the inspector phoned for guidance which re affirmed what she said.

Is this a possible question for Ofsted for clarification?

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