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Starting a holiday club, help needed!!

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Can anyone offer advise? 

The pre-school which I work for are looking at the idea of setting up a holiday club in the holidays. 

We have the space and such a wonderful large outdoor area. 

Please can anyone suggest what we need to do to get started, do we need to do a new registration with Ofsted? ( I take it we would need to do that) 

We are thinking of providing this for the ages of 5yrs - 10yr ( what would the ratio's be?) 

Any other things to take into account? 


Many thanks :)

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We started offering holiday club for our pre-school pupils and we just had to inform Ofsted that we were opening more weeks and obviously the insurance. From memory we can take to the age of 8 with no change to registration - I am not sure what the criteria is for 10 yr olds and sorry can't help with ratios but I would email Ofsted and ask the question.  Due to the type of registration we had we had to continue to work to the EYFS and have allocated keypersons for any children who came to us but were in the local school reception which all seemed a bit daft - I think you can apply for a different type of registration but it meant for expense for us so it was easier to just put the staff members name next to the children on the signing in form to comply with Ofsted.

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we offer after school club and some holiday 'specials'

Your registration may be effected depending on which registers you are on.If you are open all year because of this you will need to pay the £220 limit

Ofsted need to be informed as do insurance

Anyone in the EYFS needs to be on same ratios as pre-school (depending on qualifications!) so 1-8 for the over 3's. I have a feeling that once you get over 8 yrs ofsted don't care !!! (but please do confirm this because we only go up to 8!) If you have an EYT or EYP then they can have 1-13.

You may need to think about loos! can you separate boys and girls...really for safeguarding reasons more than anything else

Most of our after school club are happy to do the sort of things that the pre-school kids do..Painting/playdough/outside games etc you may want to add a 'special day' (Music /reptiles etc etc) we have a movie and popcorn night on Fridays (need a movie licence...cheap!)

we have bought a few extras! connect 4/hungry hippos/top trumps kind of things

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Same here. I did notice our insurers are asking for 1:8 ratio so check that out too.

We added ourselves to childcare register.

Yes loos were a bit tricky but we have low doors so added a stable door type with a bolt to give more privacy.

Just think about activities we found taking the children out for part of the day an essential. Just a trip on the bus, to the local park, we found the cinema ran a very cheap screening in the morning. The children loved their time with us.

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