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We are a small setting. Our busiest day we only have 11 children aged 2-4 in the same room.

I, as the manager, am qualified to level 5. I have a deputy who is level 3. I have 1 apprentice and 1 unqualified (no intention of training).

Can I or my deputy be alone with the apprentice r unqualified?

I am contracted to work from home twice a week which means my deputy would be the only qualified.

Am I going to have to find another qualified to be out of ratio?

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Welcome to the forum and congratulations on your first post.

For safety reasons I wouldn't want to leave only one qualified member of staff in the setting.  What happens if there's suddenly an accident or an issue that she's dealing with.  If she's suddenly taken out of ratio having to deal with an incident, and / or parents, that only leaves unqualified adults with the children.   


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