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  1. Starting a Nursery

    Not sure who the landlord was but I'm inclined to think it's the council. They were the ones I was in contact with and then they directed me to the agents. The previous people had it as a Nursery but it closed almost overnight. Apparently, the staff and parents were emailed on a Sunday night to say it wouldn't be open the next day! Its a very small setting and when I looked round (for a place for my daughter) they only had a max of 8 children! I've no idea how much funds I need...do you pay the annual rent up front? I'm so clueless....never rented anywhere in my life!!! RDG 51 Armour Hill Tilehurst Jan 18.pdf
  2. Starting a Nursery

    As a private business. They have sent me the plan with measurements. Looks like I've got a lot to do !!
  3. Starting a Nursery

    Thank you!!! The letting agent won't let me book a viewing until I have provided a viable business plan and proof of available funds. How do I know how much funds I would need? They also want me to indicate how I would plan to layout the space, more info on my concept and my background within the industry. Seems a lot just to get a viewing!!! Any help appreciated
  4. A local nursery has closed down and is now up for let. I've no idea what I would need to do or where to go for info! So....what things do I need to do if I were to make an offer?
  5. Changing to Tapestry

    My setting currently uses babysdays...How do we transfer data?
  6. Ratios

    We are a small setting. Our busiest day we only have 11 children aged 2-4 in the same room. I, as the manager, am qualified to level 5. I have a deputy who is level 3. I have 1 apprentice and 1 unqualified (no intention of training). Can I or my deputy be alone with the apprentice r unqualified? I am contracted to work from home twice a week which means my deputy would be the only qualified. Am I going to have to find another qualified to be out of ratio?
  7. Hi all! I am almost 3 months in to my new manager role of a committee run pre-school. We are looking to recruit but wondered whether it was mine or the chairs responsibility to lead this? Who would post adverts? Contact candidates? Write interview questions?
  8. Over Achieving Child

    We have a child who is just 32 months. She is well into the 30-50 bracket and is emerging into the 40-60 bracket. At what point would you classify a child as an over achiever?
  9. SENDcO

    Hello, I am the Nursery Manager but my Deputy is taking on the SENDcO role. Do we both need to have the training? Thanks!
  10. Hello! I'm new to this and haven't done supervisions before. I've got a form to fill out but I'd appreciate any hints or tips when carrying them out? My deputy has already got on the defence thinking I'm doing it as I have concerns. Trying to explain that it's good practice for them to be done every 6 weeks....
  11. 2 year olds

    Awesome!! Thanks a million. Run a bath and pour yourself a glass ladies
  12. 2 year olds

    Great tips! But what about in terms of paperwork? Notifying ofsted/council etc?
  13. Hello My preschool currently accepts children from 2y5. What would I need to do to accept 2 year olds?
  14. New job

    Hello Everyone I have been offered a job as a Pre-school Manager within a committee run setting. Still not 100% sure on who has what responsibilities. I am having a 2 week handover period with the current manager and would like some advice on what I should aim to achieve by the end of the handover. Plus, what I can do to establish myself as the new manager, feedback for changes, setting an action plan etc Do I need to review job descriptions? Policies? Shall I observe staff and give feedback? No idea where to start!