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How lovely!:)

One to Ten and Back again

Red Rockets and Rainbow Jellies

Peace at Last

The Very Hungry Caterpillar (I have a huge pop up version)

One Yellow Lion

Oi Frog

Oi Dog


Down by the Cool of the Pool

Kippers Blue Balloon

Where oh Where is Kipper's Bear

One Mole Digging a Hole

Dig, Dig, Digging

The Tiger who came to Tea

Tanka, Tanka, Skunk

Just a few to be getting on with - I lurve books!

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3 hours ago, sunnyday said:

Oh I forgot
you Choose and Just Imagine

we have quite a few from 'Barefoot Books' with CDs - The Journey Home From Grandpas, Parrot Tico Tango......a Pirate one from them can't remember the title

Oh us too, I love the barefoot books and CDs and purchased quite a few of these with some fundraising money a couple of years ago.  Just want some nice books for story time to keep on our special shelf that do not go home in book bags and get eaten by the ? or the ?!!

years ago I had a lovely book from the library and it was the row the boat song but with loads of different verses and alternate endings.  I have never been able to find it since and I cannot remember the title of it.

Thanks for the suggestions Sunnyday?

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20 hours ago, zigzag said:

Sunnyday I actually bought many of the books that you recommended and they are starting to arrive now!  I just love books and can’t wait to read them with the children.😃

I really hope that the children enjoy them!:)

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We already have the hungry caterpillar (obviously) and we also have the story sack version but on your recommendation I also bought the pop up version.  They absolutely loved it.  Only weird thing was the lollipop picture was missing!!

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