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Hi ,

I am very new to this online forum,and have just been on a trial version of Tapestry. Does anyone know if you can let two parents access their child's learning journal but with out them actually seeing each others comments or do I need to set up two learning journals for the same child? 

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Hi Katie, 

In that case, welcome to the Foundation Stage Forum and to Tapestry! I hope you're getting on alright with everything so far!

You can set both parents up with their own access to a child's journal, but they will be able to see all observations/comments the other one makes. I'm sorry about that! Adding individual permissions to say whether certain relatives can see other relative made observations and comments or not is on our to do list, but I'm afraid it's not being worked on quite yet.

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The way to do it might be (if you have subscription room) give the child 2 accounts, slightly change name format, add one parent to each, when doing an ob add both children then split the ob, It would be the same as sending to 2 different children and one parent couldn’t see the others parents adds or comments then . (Would that work Lauren ?) though it would be better if they agree to be amicable and share, we’ve found a couple of our children do quite well out of it as one parent adds somewhere they’ve been or something they’ve done  and the other parent has to top it lol 

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Yeah, that's a good idea Mouseketeer! It's a little extra work, and you do need to be on the browser in order to split observations (that can't be done through the app yet), but that would certainly be faster than adding the same observation twice. Also, you'd then still be able to hide the media on regular group observations if you wanted to because by splitting it you'd have two single child observations!


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We just wanted to let you know that we have now added a new user permission on Tapestry, 'View other relative's observations'. This will allow you to set it so users are permitted or not permitted to view observations made by other relative's attached to the same child; as with the other user permissions on Tapestry, you can also set this individually. 

We hope you find this helpful! 

Best wishes,


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