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At the end of last term a parent requested that I transfer her son's tapestry account to his new setting, a primary school. I set the process in motion and received the key which I emailed to the new reception teacher. She said she would claim it once she had sorted her current cohort out. I have just noticed that it now says 'cancelled on the transfer on this child's transfer. The other transfer I did was to a local school. This is still waiting to be claimed. Is there a time limit? Does the new setting have a limited time period? I am confused as to why it was cancelled on one and not the other. I did start the other transfer later.


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Hi there,


There isn't a time limit on them, so if one is showing up as cancelled, it suggests that at some point a manager on one end cancelled it. If you email customer.service@eyfs.info with the key then we can work out exactly what happened, but if you know the school does still want that child's profile you can just start a new transfer :).

If you you get stuck anywhere along the way just get in touch with us - we'll be happy to help!

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